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  • Welcome to All Saints
    Jesus’ great desire was to give people life and help them live it to the full (John 10: 10). We at All Saints share this desire. We believe that being made truly alive happens when we trust in Jesus  and live to please him and others, instead of just living for ourselves.That’s our passion for…

  • Ash Wednesday
    Dear Friends,Today is Ash Wednesday. Many of you would know this and also know what it means. I didn’t’, growing up. I thought Ash Wednesday was a memorial to the terrible bushfires that raged in Victoria in 1983, much like we had Black Friday in memory of the 1939 fires (this was before Black Friday…


George Town
(St Mary Magdalene’s)

3 Anne St, George Town
Sundays 10 am

Launceston City
(St John’s)

157 St John St, Launceston
Sundays 8 am, 10 am, 5 pm

Launceston North (Barneys)
17a Georgetown Road,
Sundays 10 am

Launceston South East

1st Sunday – 10am at George Town

2nd Sunday – 11am at St Leonards Primary School (330 St Leonards Rd, St Leonards)

3rd Sunday – 10am at Launceston North

4th Sunday – 11am for PubChurch at Village Inn (325 St Leonards Rd, St Leonards)

5th Sunday – 10am at Launceston City